Hong Kong ::: 吃 eat. 饮料 drink. 店 shop. 发挥 play.

The first week of October I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong for business for 3 days. Such a short trip to travel all the way to Asia, but I am so grateful I get opportunities like this for my career.

From the minute I landed I fell in love with Hong Kong. The layout of the city is built for walking around and everyone was really friendly if you do happen to get lost. Hong Kong just feels massive- the lights, the herds of people, the very lengthy escalators, the busy markets. Did you know there’s almost twice as many skyscrapers in Hong Kong as there are in New York?  {eh emmm… thanks HSBC}


::: side street downtown Hong Kong :::

So much to see and do, but so little time.
Here’s my taste of Hong Kong:
STAYHotel LFK The suites were beautiful and the hotel is in a fantastic location.
EAT: Tien Yi at the top of the Peak. Touristy but a great view, go for lunch so it’s affordable. Try the dim sum menu (loved the Char Siu Bao and Shumai). For dinner Hutong restaurant in Kowloon. Amazing views of downtown and incredible food. 
DRINKOzone Bar 118th floor of the Ritz in Kowloon, the highest bar in the world. Looking down made me DIZZY. 
SHOP: Kowloon (Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Jimmy Choo, you name it), IFC (humongous mall, but we do have most the stores in the US), Soho (supposed to be unique boutiques here, but we never made it), The Peak for souvenirs (found great chopsticks and decorative buddhas)

SEE: The Peak and the view of Hong Kong from Kowloon
PLAY: CEO Karaoke  (felt like it was open all night from what I could tell- hilarious!)

 ::: shopping in Kowloon :::


 ::: the busy markets of Hong Kong :::

::: window food, so intriguing but kind of gross :::

::: HONG KONG :::

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