Easter Dinner ::: Your Menu for Sunday

Are you hosting Easter this year?

The last 3 years I’ve hosted Easter dinner at our house. Last year my Mom and her boyfriend were in town and before that we had a group of friends over in Manhattan Beach.

This year I am getting out of the day long ordeal {though I love cooking for loved ones} and heading to Orlando for my sister’s birthday. We’ll probably attend mass with the family and go out to brunch.

My menu from the last few years is below, if you need some inspiration!

 Honey Baked Spiral Ham


 Honey Glazed Carrots


 Scalloped Potatoes with Creme Fraiche


 Berry Trifle


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  1. My mom, my cousin (visiting from Germany) and I will prep a feast of Hungarian tradicional delicacies for about 15+ people – I will take some pictures for you 😉

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