NewBeauty TestTube ::: The Ultimate Beauty Sampler

I’m in love.


My bathroom counters are over flowing. I really need to re-organize. ūüôā

This season’s TestTube showed up in the mail this week! After receiving it 3 times now, TestTube truly seems¬†like the best sample program out of the many for all of us product junkies.

It’s awesome that you receive full size samples each time, so you can really decide if a product is for you. ¬†I¬†received¬†a full Moroccan¬†Oil Frizz Spray and a full bottle of Memoire Liquide Lotion.

You ¬†receive the recent NewBeauty magazine chock full of the latest greatest skincare & makeup “technologies.” ¬†I’m not all that into the plastic surgery look, but if you are curious about safety & procedures this is a nouveau¬†beauty mag¬†topic NewBeauty Magazine discusses very openly. They also publish tons of amazing/scary/hilarious before and after pictures. ¬†Many are also pictures of “injection therapy” like Botox and fillers.

{Plastic¬†surgery: maybe when you are old and sagging and unhappy about it, but you should work out and eat right now…and NEVER overdo it. Love your body!}

The Samples

::: Memoire Liquide Creme de La Creme Lotion plus two sample perfumes :::

::: Olay Regenerist, Morrocan Oil Frizz Spray, Perlier Chocolate Vanilla Body Balm, NeoStrata Exfoliating Wash (face) :::

The tube also came with Mally eyeshadow stick, Your Best Friend plum eyeliner, SkinCeuticals antioxidant and sunscreen, and discount cards for

So far I’ve tested:

BB Cream by Dr. brandt “self-adjusting flawless coverage” ~ Seems like a tinted moisturizer, I’ve read BB creams are all the rage in Asia and just coming to the US now. It claims to¬†adjust to your skin tone, correct flaws and uneven skin tone, and hydrate.¬†It’s very covering for a tinted moisturizer and has SPF 30 without smelling like suntan lotion. I think I can get away with just this for daytime, I like. {July Update: I used the whole bottle and loved it! It turned me on to BB creams. Great color, lots of coverage, and fantastic SPF. winner. }

Morrocan Oil Frizz Spray ~ I love and use Moroccan Oil, so it was nice to see this full size sample. It worked great for fly aways, but it doesn’t have similar shine like the oil. I’ve only tried it once though. I should also mention I was outside by a pool on a hot and humid Miami night when I used it, so it must have done something. I was frizz free.¬†{July Update: I still have a lot of it left. I only used it when I wore my hair curly and it tamed the frizz. Decent product, but I will stick with their reglar oil}

NeoStrata Face Wash ~ Great foaming wash.  Removed my eye makeup, but burned my eyes a little. Says to use before their treatment so hard to know the full effects. Benefits claimed Рstimulates cell renewal, enhances texture and clarity, and prepares the skin for treatment. {July Update: Fairly drying. Strange purple color. Not sure if it helped my skin or not but I am not dying to buy it.}

Perlier Chocolate Vanilla Body Balm ~ YUM and GROSS at the same time. Smells like chocolate… so that’s incredible, but I would never wear this on my body. Maybe their other scents are good because the consistency of the lotion is very hydrating and thick.¬†{July Update: Can’t get rid of this.}

If you want $5 off your first TestTube, email me and I will send you a link to sign up through.


Did you receive NewBeauty’s TestTube? What products did you receive and what’s your favorite?

Have you tried any of these products before? What do you think?

 See more reviews on these products here.


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  1. This is cool, I’ve never heard of test tube. I’ve been getting Birch Box for 6 months now and I like it alot. Have you ever used Birch Box? If so why would you say Test Tube is better?

    1. I like Birch Box too! Birch box sends a small box with small samples monthly, TestTube is a large tube with lots of samples (usually 1-3 full size) once every three months. They are fairly similar in price. I like receiving both …since you get Birch Box once a month you can try samples more often.

    1. Awesome! You will LOVE it. The magazine is more interesting and up to par with trends than most beauty/fashion mags out there today as well. Hope you and your family are doing fabulously Lisa. ūüôā

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