Beans n’ Greens Burrito ::: Lucky Day

This was strange.

I was craving German Brown Coal. {I blame this on Peter’s Mom.} Actually I think it is really called Braunkohl.

So I made it.

What’s Brown Coal you ask?

Onions, kale, and pork slow cooked for like 4+ hours. Fabulous.

Then. I open The Food Matters Cookbook to find this week’s recipe. What you say? Greens n’ Beans Burritos I must make?

You mean the recipe calls for exactly what I have leftovers of? Perfect!

I only had to add chili powder, cumin, and black beans to the Brown Coal roll it up and call it my lucky day. Oh the little things.

This is the perfect “what to do with Brown Coal leftovers” recipe.  Since that happens a lot to you guys right? It would taste great without the pork too. That’s the idea of this Food Matters Cookbook anyways right? Let us try to pretend I haven’t added meat to almost every FMP recipe. {I just might have a man in the house, just might.}

You can find Mark Bittman’s original Beans n’ Greens recipe over at Jacqui’s gorgeous blog Good Things Grow.


Beans n Greens Burrito     makes 2 burritos

Recipe adapted  from The Food Matters Cookbook by Mark Bittman

  • I made a half recipe and used leftover German Brown Coal (Braunkohl)
  • To make Brown Coal you slow cook pork or sausage with kale, onions, and garlic for 4+ hours. Find recipe here.
  • I  added 1/2 teaspoon cumin and follow the recipe here
  • Serve with a few dollops of greek yogurt and cilantro
  • This would be a great vegetarian burrito, as Bittman intends. Head here to find the vegetarian recipe. 



If you are curious about other ways to get creative with this dish head here to see what the other Food Matters Project members cooked up.

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10 Replies to “Beans n’ Greens Burrito ::: Lucky Day”

  1. Hey Keely! German Brown Coal? I’ll be looking for that recipe. My husband was born and raised in Germany and every once in a while I make him a German meal. This sound great! His Mother is the BEST cook so I never ever try to compete.

    1. I can relate SO much Lexi. 🙂 My man’s family owned a German restaurant for years and his German grandma lives with them! They make Braunkohl with pork, onion, kale, and lots of garlic. This dish reminds me of the Cassoulet for the French, it is supposedly different depending on the region of Germany and is meant as a hearty winter dish. We usually skip the side of potatoes to make it lighter. I’ll blog it this week!

  2. They live in Wiesbaden and every year when we go to visit I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking with her. She is teaching me my husbands favorites! But NO….I won’t cook her specialties at home. I just asked him if he has ever had Braunkohl and he said no. Woo Hoo! I can’t wait to try it. 🙂

  3. That really looks like such a perfect filling for a burrito! I don’t eat pork, do think chicken or beef would be good for the Braunkohl? I can’t wait to read the post where you discuss it in more detail!

    1. Alyssa- I think chicken or beef would work. With chicken you may need to add some chicken broth to keep it tender. I will consider the different options for my post this week for ya!

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