Chorizo Stuffing Smothered Cauliflower


Chorizo Stuffing SMOTHERED Cauliflower, whaaaaa?! I was not expecting anything mind-blowing from this dish, but wow. It was killer and is definitely a meal in itself.

This dish is based on Mark Bittman’s Whole Cauliflower with Sausage recipe (pg 481 The Food Matters Cookbook), chosen by this week’s Food Members Project member Gracie. I went with Chorizo for the sausage since it’s so accessible here in Miami.

Adding breadcrumbs to the sausage and onion mixture creates a stuffing or hash-like flavor and texture. We saved the leftovers and ate them with scrambled eggs in the morning. Perfecto! Recipe follows.

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Apricot Polenta Cake with Dark Cherry Compote


I’m not, nor do I know if I ever will be, a baker in the sense that I can freely be creative with ratios and ingredients. Since starting this blog I’ve mastered a few baked goods, like these cookies and these cream puffs, but anything cake-like I am very new to. I think I actually told my dear friend Sarah that I’d never bake…(oops).

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Thai Food Demystified at The Naked Bite



You all know I’m obsessed with Asian influenced food. So imagine my excitement when I discovered an authentic Thai cooking class with The Naked Bite {the fabulous Amber Antonelli} just 5 minutes from my house.

This isn’t just any cooking class. She uses only the freshest and healthiest ingredients, has knowledge from living in Thailand herself, makes every step so simple, and the end results are insanely DELICIOUS.

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Scallops with Edamame Pancakes & Soy Drizzling Sauce

Once in a while the Food Matters Project really opens my eyes to a new method of cooking or a new (to me) method to prepare food. This dish is one of them and I can see myself making these often when we cook Asian inspired dishes (which is all the time).

They come together easily and you could get creative with the drizzle. I added a bit of cilantro to the edamame batter for a fresh herb flavor and a couple small drops of chili oil to the drizzle to to spice it up.

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Starfruit Martini

Starfruit Grapefruit Martini


What better to do during a hurricane than make martinis (lots) and play scrabble? That was our weekend 2 weeks ago. I don’t think we ever finished our game. Or did we?

And even better to dream up brand new concoctions like a starfruit, grapefruit, strawberry, vodka and mint martini. Insane!

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