Thai Food Demystified at The Naked Bite



You all know I’m obsessed with Asian influenced food. So imagine my excitement when I discovered an authentic Thai cooking class with The Naked Bite {the fabulous Amber Antonelli} just 5 minutes from my house.

This isn’t just any cooking class. She uses only the freshest and healthiest ingredients, has knowledge from living in Thailand herself, makes every step so simple, and the end results are insanely DELICIOUS.

The classes change cuisine type every few weeks and are held in her home kitchen; which is open, cozy, and therapeutically serene. Our group of 8 people made it possible to ask all the questions you want and to get to know other local foodies. Don’t worry about your cooking level; Amber teaches the basics, fun facts about the ingredient, and will even show off some advanced tricks for those of you seasoned in the kitchen.

Check out the menu and what we were able to create during the class.

{Thai Summer Salad Rolls – Bo Pia Pak Sop}



 The purpose of “Thai Food Demystified” is to prove it’s really simple to create authentic Thai dishes in your own home with the right ingredients. Think lots of chilis, fish sauce, healthy coconut oil, fresh veggies herbs, and peanuts in almost everything. So good!





{Southern Thai Style Chicken- Gai Yang Pak Thai}


{Green Papaya Salad – Som Tum}





{Thai Fried Rice – Kao Pad}


{Kaffir Lime Leaves and Fresh Chopped Ginger- Beginnings of Pad Prig King}



{Thai Fried Rice and Fried Red Curry Vegetables}


{Mango Lime Pudding}



{Fresh Cilantro, Parsley, Basil, and Scallions in the kitchen}


If you are in South Florida you’ve got to check out The Naked Bite! I have a wish list of next classes including “Mexican Flair, Ole!”

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  1. This looks amazing, your pictures make it look so fun… I definitely want to try one of her cooking classes 🙂 PS: You dont need asian cooking classes… youre an expert already!!!!!

    1. We definitely need to go to one together soon! She will also do a private one for us if we get enough girls together.

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