Apricot Polenta Cake with Dark Cherry Compote


I’m not, nor do I know if I ever will be, a baker in the sense that I can freely be creative with ratios and ingredients. Since starting this blog I’ve mastered a few baked goods, like these cookies and these cream puffs, but anything cake-like I am very new to. I think I actually told my dear friend Sarah that I’d never bake…(oops).

This week’s Food Matters Project recipe, chosen by Jen over at Prariesummers, is Apricot Polenta Cake and I stuck true to the recipe (because of the reason mentioned above) only adding a dark cherry compote.

This cake would be great for a southern style dinner’s dessert or for brunch. It’s one of those recipes I wish I was brave enough to mess around with, like trying more flour and less cornmeal. It would be great with fresh pineapple or apple instead of dried fruit, like some of the other Food Matters Project members did here.




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10 Replies to “Apricot Polenta Cake with Dark Cherry Compote”

    1. Thanks Jen! I do need to read something like that. It is all about comfort for me in the kitchen, I like playing with recipes not sticking to them. So baking is still tough for me.

    1. Come OVER! We have all but 2 slices left in the fridge. I have to go to Publix and Mary Brickell end of today so I could always stop by. 🙂

  1. Looks wonderful with that cherry compote, Keely Marie! Way to take it to the next level 🙂 I loved this recipe…I stuck to it also because I am terrible at experiementing with baking. Not comfortable enough yet…

  2. like you, i used to fret over baking and then i realized, the worst thing that could happen is i take it to work for coworkers to devour. best case scenario, i keep it for own consumption. it’s fun taking risks.

    your cake is beautiful, you don’t give yourself enough baking credit. 🙂
    Lan | angry asian recently posted..peach polenta cakeMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment. 🙂

      Maybe that is part of the reason! I work from home or travel for work so I don’t have a group of hungry colleagues to feed my creations.

      But yes, bit by bit I am becoming more comfortable with the risks with it!

  3. I think we both just need to bake more. Pick something that we feel uneasy with, like a cake, and just change one little thing each time we bake it. I feel like that would help develop the bakers intuition. Lots and lots of practice, no?! Either way, your cake looks delicious and I love the cherry compote! 🙂
    Erin recently posted..Nectarine Upside Down Polenta TartMy Profile

  4. I love to bake but I am also known for messing with recipes. Not all of them turn out great. So don’t hesitate, dive in and mess around. After all, we should have fun in the kitchen.

    I love the dark cherry compote on top- it looks so fresh and delicious!
    Jen recently posted..Birdie and PapaMy Profile

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