Savory Tomato Crisp ::: The Food Matters Project


You know you have become more domestic than usual when late Sunday rolls around, you need to cook for this weeks Food Matters Project hosted by Nicole at The Giving Table, and you just happen to have everything needed for the recipe at home already. Love it!

This Savory Tomato Crisp is a really simple recipe that would be a perfect (and impressive!) side dish to bring  to any of your summer BBQ’s or parties.

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Pineapple Coconut Mahi Mahi + Mango Jalapeño Fruit Salad



This week’s The Food Matter’s Project recipe is extremely versatile and healthy. Hellooooo summer! You just pick out any seafood and a fruit/herb combo for the recipe. Our host this week, Sarah from FoodandFrederick, made a strawberries, mango, jalapeño, orange, mint, and basil fruit salad on top of salmon.

This recipe is a great guilt-free option for your Memorial Day cook-outs this weekend.

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Bubble Room Bruschetta ::: Bruschetta, Rethought

The Food Matter’s Project recipe this week is Bruschetta, Rethought chosen by Chef Laura at Home.

And while this probably doesn’t technically fit any Italian’s “definition” of bruschetta, it is exactly what we needed to accompany our Mother’s day dinner of fresh clams in a sausage and white wine butter sauce.

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Pad See Ew ::: Quick Weekday Meals


I had this recipe filed for a while.

Why on earth I waited so long to make it, I have NO idea. Peter just told me he wants it again. ASAP.

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Butter Chicken ::: Murgh Makhani

Stop. Put down the phone. You will NOT order Indian delivery ever again after making this. 


I have such fond memories of eating Indian food with my big happy nuclear (at the time) family as often as they’d take us growing up. I think it was the only International cuisine my brother and sister would eat. We’d always order lots of naan, Tandoori chicken, and chana masala.

Indian food followed me to college, my Dad would visit and we’d go to Bombay Dardar in Coconut Grove almost every time he came down from Orlando.

I never dreamed I’d be able to create Indian food at home. I also never dreamed I’d have a cooking blog and enjoy home made meals better than gourmet restaurants meals though. {I was incredible at making easy mac in college and ordering take out.}

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