Greek Pasta Salad

I would eat this every single day for lunch if I had the time to chop chop chop  all the veggies twice a week. It is healthy and just filling enough to get back to your day with energy. {This dish would be nonexistent to me if Peter didn’t teach me to chop veggies super small with great German knives. He and his family are an inspiration for my cooking.}

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Sesame Seared Tuna with Ponzu Vinaigrette

I promised a recipe for tuna {since we recently caught it fresh in Cabo} and here it is! This is a quick, healthy lunch or dinner dish with lots of potential creative options.

The key is good quality tuna steaks, of course, and a great cold sake to pair it with.

I’m potentially going to try sushi next. I have everything I need, but I am slightly intimidated by eating the tuna we caught ourselves completely raw. The whole “I saw that guy swimming thing” usually makes people enjoy their food more. Me, not so much.

And can someone puhleasssse take me back to Cabo?

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Summer Rolls ::: Peanut Sauce + Spicy Hoisin Dip

Shrimp Summer Rolls by KeelyMarie on

I love Asian influenced dishes.

I love fresh ingredients and healthier options.

I love dipping sauces.

This dish is obviously perfect to me! I was going to make these Sunday, but we were insanely hungover after my amazing bff’s (you might know her) engagement day/evening/all night party at the W in Ft. Lauderdale. Instead we were craving heartier things like these eggrolls that I am super jealous Sarah made.

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Roasted Chicken & Romanesco Sauce

Sunday we returned from a week in Cabo and this is the first dish I cooked in more than a week!

We stayed at an insane all-inclusive with views of the Cabo Marina, Downtown, and the Pacific Ocean {all at once.}  It was wildly luxurious sitting at the pool for hours on end relaxing, eating & drinking whenever we wanted, and soaking in the sun. Can I go back yet?

Now I am back to reality and that means a weekly dish from The Food Matters Project. If you haven’t been following, a group of bloggers is diving into a dish every week from The Food Matters Cookbook by Mark Bittman.  This week the recipe is {yet again} a winner. Extremely easy to cook and the presentation creates the mirage you’ve been in the kitchen all day.  Mireya of My Healthy Eating Habits is this week’s host!

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Strawberry Pinot Sorbet

Simple is good. I mean really good!

Frozen fruit, wine, sugar, and yogurt makes sorbet. What’s easier than that?

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