Beans n’ Greens Burrito ::: Lucky Day

This was strange.

I was craving German Brown Coal. {I blame this on Peter’s Mom.} Actually I think it is really called Braunkohl.

So I made it.

What’s Brown Coal you ask?

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Memorial Day Cook + Swim ::: Best of Both

Are you ready for the long weekend!? Sun, sand, & water. Grilling outside with a mojito in hand. {Small reminder I live in Miami}

Oh Memorial Day cookouts…I love you. Here’s  some favorite cookout recipes that are sure to impress.

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Savory Sweet Life
Boneless Baked Chicken Wings keelymarie
BBQ Chicken Ina Garten
Tuna Pasta Salad 20somethingcupcakes
Calico Beans keelymarie
Apple Almond Chicken Salad 20somethingcupcakes
Grilled Corn on the Cob Bobby Flay
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies keelymarie
PB+J Cookies 20somethingcupcakes
Millionaire Mojito
One of the many Sangria recipes from my lovely SAS 20somethingcupcakes

Now that you know what you are cooking, you can’t forget that PERFECT swimsuit. You just might want to skip those bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Just a thought. I’m currently lusting after these beauties.

Marra Hoffman One Piece
Free People Bikini (multiple colors available)
Marra Hoffman Bikini

All Saint’s Bikini

You can purchase these swimsuits in my LYST store here. 

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The Ultimate Thin Crust Pizza ::: Family Night

This whole wheat pizza from The Food Matter’s Cookbook was my first homemade pizza recipe test. Not the typical first pizza to attempt, but a great healthier alternative.

It left me DYING to find the best thin crust pizza recipe out there. It was kind of the opposite of thin crust.

Thanks to one of my fellow bloggers, Lexi at Lexi’s Kitchen, I found this very old looking website with a thin crust recipe. Lexi said this link was posted during an online discussion with Mark Bittman regarding pizza crust.  Pretty hilarious reading some of the highlights, pizza clearly has millions of options and pizza eaters even more opinions. Guys, don’t judge a book by its covers!

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Pineapple Coconut Mahi Mahi + Mango Jalapeño Fruit Salad



This week’s The Food Matter’s Project recipe is extremely versatile and healthy. Hellooooo summer! You just pick out any seafood and a fruit/herb combo for the recipe. Our host this week, Sarah from FoodandFrederick, made a strawberries, mango, jalapeño, orange, mint, and basil fruit salad on top of salmon.

This recipe is a great guilt-free option for your Memorial Day cook-outs this weekend.

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::: Raspberry Macaroons :::

These macaroons from Smitten Kitchen are all over Pinterest and food blogs. Is it bad that this made me NOT want to make them?

I caved though, I just “happened” to have raspberries and baking coconut at home.

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