Strawberry Pinot Sorbet

Simple is good. I mean really good!

Frozen fruit, wine, sugar, and yogurt makes sorbet. What’s easier than that?

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Tandoori Chicken & Naan

I would not have comprehended making something like Tandoori chicken at home a couple of years ago. This dish is the reason you go to an Indian restaurant!

Not any more.

This is a really simple recipe to make at home. I’ve made it twice and it was insanely juicy and flavorful each time. The only two kickers are (1) long marinade time and (2) using your oven on a REALLY high heat to mimic a Tandoori oven.

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Spicy Italian Meatballs



Spy say meata ballll

say it!

Spy say meata ballll


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48 hours lost in Venice in pictures

I have such fond memories of Venice.

One second you are in the hustle and bustle of tourists and shops and the next you turn down a small alley to find a quiet restaurant tucked into a courtyard waiting for you.

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NewBeauty TestTube ::: Summer 2012 Edition

Many of you know I’m a raving fan of NewBeauty’s TestTube. After my Spring products post here, so many of you told me you decided to subscribe. If this is your first time receiving it, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts.

Lets unveil it!

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