blog birthday bubbles and more

It’s hard to believe an entire year has gone by since this came to be!

With bits of inspiration from friends and family I dove in last year right before our vacation in Paris, not sure where it would take me.

My cooking skills have doubled, I’ve found a hobby I am truly passionate about, and I’ve learned a ton of fun techy bloggie stuff that I love love love. I’d say it’s a win, well for me. What about you guys- what do you think? Is anyone actually out there? 😉

So time to celebrate right? In true keely style there were be no fancy cake, cupcakes, or intricate desserts created to mark the date. There will however be a bottle of my favorite bubbly and dinner tonight to celebrate.


So  I realize you guys don’t know THAT much about me yet. Maybe a little but not a lot.

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Garlic Cabernet Bunless Burgers with Roasted Beefsteak Tomatoes

I’ve got you your attention right?

These burgers don’t need much said, except that they are perfect.

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Ethiopian Flavored Braised Chickpea Fritters ::: The Food Matters Project

Ethiopian. That’s a new one for me.

And it was pretty good. Interesting, but good.

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Savory Tomato Crisp ::: The Food Matters Project


You know you have become more domestic than usual when late Sunday rolls around, you need to cook for this weeks Food Matters Project hosted by Nicole at The Giving Table, and you just happen to have everything needed for the recipe at home already. Love it!

This Savory Tomato Crisp is a really simple recipe that would be a perfect (and impressive!) side dish to bring  to any of your summer BBQ’s or parties.

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German Brown Coal ::: Braunkohl (Slow Cooked Kale & Pork)

It is pretty amazing having access to truly authentic International recipes due to extended family. Peter’s Mom’s side of the family is 100% German and his Oma, who still lives with them, ran a German Restaurant in New Jersey when he was growing up.

This recipe is one they make often and the only one I have dared to replicate. This occurred when I had a mild obsession with kale in 2010! The pork and kale cook slow for a very long time, creating a flavorful and tender mix of greens and meat that works well with a side of roasted or boiled potatoes.

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